Creative pupils

My pupils always surprise me. Yesterday I didn’t teach at all, I just sat, listened and enjoyed the lesson. Two pupils from the eighth grade Tijana Stevanovic and Ana Plazinic prepared a wonderful association game, a pantomime and a matching game. They organized everything themselves, my help was unnecessary. Each pupil was involved in the activities. Needless to say they, they enjoyed every single part of the lesson. Nobody knew the solution to the first column, not even me. That’s why, the activity itself was more challenging. The solutions to the 4 columns were MICE, PROGRAMME, SCREEN and GAMES. The final key was COMPUTER. There were some minor mistakes, but nobody is perfect. The next activity was matching the two halves of the proverbs. Ana gave each pupil a part of the sentence. One of them reads, while the pupil with the right ending, says „MATCH“, and says the ending. In the last exercise Tijana prepared a bottle full of English words. A pupil chooses one, imitates it to the class and the rest of the pupils guess the word in English.


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